Why Radix ?

A new paradigm

Radix provides a radically different approach from legacy layer 1 networks that implement smart contracts in the sense the network itself understands what is an asset.

Discover Radix asset-oriented smart contract paradigm.



Unlimited scalability

Radix paves the way for unlimited dApps scalability

Radix aims to provide a platform that can truly scale DeFi to the level of global finance through the tightly integrated design of Cerberus and Radix Engine

Atomic composability

Radix provides the ability to “compose” a single transaction, making use of multiple autonomous smartcontracts. This is crucial for building complex and secured financial services

Cerberus consensus

Cerberus provides linear scalability through unlimited parallelism.
As the network grows, atomic composability is never compromised because direct consensus between shards happens seamlessly in response to each transaction. 

dApps & smart contracts @scale

Radix Engine treats tokens as global objects
Radix transactions are unique and based on “intent”.
Each smart contract is assigned to a single shard at any point in time

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Frenchstake runs 2 nodes with primary node in France and backup node in Canada.